Friday, June 5, 2015

The Enigma

Looking around us you can see this is not the environment one would wish for themselves.  I can remember a great many things but as a matter of time and significance I shall focus only that which matters most to my life and this story.  I am stuck between two parallel worlds.  One world is the world I wish to be in.  The other, is the world I want to get away from.  I am in a constant state of flux.  Right now my life is in a delicate balance.  Too much or too little in any direction will make the whole thing topple, crushing me beneath it.  I take accountability for the things I have done, and I have done plenty.  I am not so vein to not recognize my failures, and I have failed plenty.  I am only a person, simple and ordinary.  I am a human capable of only that which is humanly.  I can tell you my story as best I can, but only in the manner of which you will know it to be. 

These shackles are meant to bind me.  I am sedated to keep me in a state of blissful solace.  Though little do they know I am here of my own volition and I will leave anytime I wish.  I am only a person, simple and ordinary, though you may think otherwise.  I cannot be contained.  Neither brick, nor mortar, nor steel can hold me.  I am a danger they said to both God and country.  I am an enigma they said and I cannot be allowed to be free.   I have chosen you to hear my story because someone should bare witness when I leave and give them this testimonial.  I have chosen you because you won’t try to stop me.

I am only a person, simple and ordinary, but I am not like you.  I am a human capable of only that which is humanly as long as you understand that the human capacity reaches far beyond what you know it to be.  I can shape your reality and I can twist your mind.  If I wish it, it will be done.  I am not alone in my abilities, though I no longer play by the rules.  That is why I am here chained and bound and constantly watched.   They watch me as I have watched you.  That is how you have come to find yourself in that chair.  I told them to bring you. They had no choice but to comply, because I made them comply.  Similarly, you had no choice but to come, because I had already made the choice for you.  Your thoughts are not wholly your own.  I can influence a great many things.  One simple thought and I can turn the wheels of fate in your favor or I can open a sequence of events that can ruin you.  Allow me to demonstrate for you, do you see the two lieutenants in the in the observation room behind me? Good.  In ten seconds time, a sergeant will open the door and all three men will leave in a hurry, leaving only the monitors to record our session.  There, you see, just as I described.  I am not a psychic, I do not need to be.  Free will is a philosophy that humans can express personal choice, free of divine influence.  This, however, is not entirely accurate.  I can influence and change anything I choose.  Allow me to demonstrate again.  Please watch you pen, as I make the ink flow freely from the ball-point tip and float before you in an anti-gravitational state.  What you see now is my ability to bend physics and the physical world to my will.  You can recognize the work you see before you floating in perfect script is the Magna Carte, in its entirety.  It is there because I wish it to be there, you have witnessed this because I have allowed you to witness this.  No, I am sorry, this is not a trick.  This is only but a tiny sample of my ability.  No, it is not a miracle either, there is nothing miraculous about me, for I am only a person, simple and ordinary.   I was born into this world with this ability and it will die with me as well.  But just as others before me, too, had my abilities others, too, will come after.

Others like me have always shared this world.  History has called us Fates, prophets, shamans, gurus, wizards, soothsayers, and more.  We are not gods, nor do we claim to be. We are born into this world with a knowledge deeply engrained in us.  Those like me have lives that span eons.  Time is but a unit of measure, concocted by men, and we manipulate it as easily as I had manipulated the ink from your pen.  We are not immortal. Our lives are not without end, though for us, death is a choice.  We have shaped this world in millions of subtle ways.  It is not uncommon for those like me who grow tired of this life to gift mankind with an advancing knowledge.  But because of so many like you, those gifts are bastardized and abused.  And it is up to us to fix your mistakes.  There are not many left like me.  Too many like me have grown tired of those like you.  As we expire, the deep knowledge we possess expires with us.  We are the balance keepers.  We can no longer keep pace with the reckless abandon of mankind.  When we are gone, you will destroy yourselves.  I tell you this as my gift to you.  I, too, am growing tired of this world.  My testament is a warning.  I am only a human, simple and ordinary.  I have taken to showing you the extraordinary in an effort to spare you the tragedy of what will come.  

Mankind has lost sight of the fact that it exists because of this world, not in spite of it.  Your race is drawn to power and destruction.  The power to destroy is meaningless without the influence to rebuild.  Mankind is not inherently good, it is inherently evil.  It is we who guild you to build with the ashes of that which came before.

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